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You must have seen programs on Television, magazines and books about wholistic healing. The Institute of Mahayoga and Natural Hygiene (IMANAH) is an organization which has dedicated itself to a complete study of wholistic healing for over 70 years, originating with Acharya Lakshmana Sharma. IMANAH is the pioneer of Nature Cure in India which is now an established practice all across the world.

What is Nature Cure? It is a non-traditional and non-medicinal approach to understanding health. It is the rejection of symptomatic analysis and instead understanding of an individual's level of health. An individual's health is not gauged by symptoms or lack thereof. To put it simply, Nature Cure facilitates the proper environment and conditions for the human body to operate in its optimum level of health. The theory behind it is that prevention is better than cure. And when there is a need to cure, the healing should be aimed at the root cause rather than treating only the symptoms which appear on the surface. "Disease" is a by-product of the violation of the body's many requirements and the only real CURE is to correct these violations, not suppress the symptoms with medicines. Once you start practicing this approach, you will wonder how this simple wisdom has eluded so many of us today.

Physical and mental well-being can be practiced by people of all faiths, financial states and walks of life. Our goal is to make this knowledge available to all who wish to benefit, without a primary focus on money. Each method is practical, natural and very inexpensive.Please feel free to browse our community Forums.

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Mon, Apr 15, 2019

Website Launch

Course Launching our new website!


8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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Wed, May 29, 2019

Natural Health Workshop

Course Learn the principles and practices of Natural Hygiene

Miramar, Florida

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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Fri, Feb 21, 2020


Course Recorded Live


5:15 PM to 6:15 PM

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Dr. Arun Sharma

Our Founder

Dr. Arun Sharma obtained a doctorate in natural hygiene from the Indian Institute of Natural Therapeutics in the year 1970, after six years of intensive training. He has held key position in some leading natural hygiene institutions in India. He was the founding director of the Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene in New Delhi, India in the year 1982. He later expanded the organization into the International Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene, when he moved to the USA with his family in 1986. He has conducted numerous training courses and health camps in both India and the U.S. and has helped many patients suffering from chronic diseases to return to normal health. His classes on Natural Nutrition at the Miami Dade Community College were well received during the four plus years he taught there.