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Action Plan

  • Author: Umar AlFarooq

In the off chance that the entire system is not totally rigged, an organized effort will make an impact. By “rigged” I’m not just talking about the pro-vaxxers. For people who want to roll up their sleeves and actually DO something.

HIPAA laws are supposed to protect us but they do not. All the people we DON’T want accessing our medical records already have full access. So right now, these “privacy” laws are really being used against us. For example:

Q: “Why can’t you do a vaxxed vs unvaxxed study?”

A: “Because of HIPAA laws. We can’t violate patient confidentiality”.

Q: “Oh, how noble. What about removing patient name which identifies them?”

A: “How can that kind of a report ever be verified? Even if we came up with that, you’d just say we made it up”.

I say we shoot a big middle finger to the “for your own good” privacy nonsense and start to take matters into our own hands. Remember what Ben Franklin said about those who give up their freedom for security. These laws are NOT there to make you any more secure. They’re there to scare you into hiding so that the enemy can take advantage of it. They roam the streets while we run terrified and hide in our “privacy”. I’ll tell you up front everything you want to know about my medical background. The hell are you going to do with that info?

Action Plan

1.       Create a website or Facebook page with sub-pages for every state

2.       Get people to get 2 types of people to join

a.       Vaccine injured and their parents

b.       People who want to support the vaccine injured and their parents

c.       All else need not apply

3.       Compile a list of vaccine injured by state

a.       Names, address, phone number and email addresses

b.       Details of the vaccine damage and all data they feel comfortable sharing

c.       Create a database, a website and an app and help them upload their info

4.       Have funding and volunteers who will review each case for validity. More helpful if the reviewer is a physician and can add their credentials to it

5.       Set up a big meet-up date where all the people can meet

6.       Create a form letter with the contact information of the injured, addressed to each of the following

a.       State representatives

b.       Senators

c.       Governor

d.       State legislators

7.       CRUCIAL: Select a specific date to begin the campaign to contact them all at the same time with

a.       The form letters printed, signed, stamped and mailed

b.       Faxed to their office

c.       Emailed to them

d.       Sent via their website form

e.       Phone call with the reference number of the email sent

8.       Send follow-up letters

a.       Compile a list of responses and post it on our site

b.       Thank the ones who responded kindly

c.       Remember to check this site before casting your next votes

9.       In the meantime, contact all anti-vaxx advocates and compile a list on our site. “Wall of Fame”

a.       Wakefield, Kennedy, Bigtree, Tenpenny, Mareddy, Humphries, Toni Bark, etc. Get them all together under one organization.

b.       Get them ALL to agree to standard narratives so they don’t step on each other’s toes

                                                               i.      For example, Robert F Kennedy Jr. stating “I am a hundred percent pro vaccine” can be used by the anti-vaxxers to say “See? Your main guy is pro-vaxx”.

                                                             ii.      Decide on a name and stick with it (ex-vaxxer, anti-vaxxer, pro-safe-vaccines (which has never existed), pro-medical-freedom)..whatever. Just pick one and endorse it while still having your personal view.

                                                           iii.      Set up a centralized fund for everyone to campaign against forced vaccines; ALL of them

                                                           iv.      Get each of them to sign a PLEDGE agreement and statement of “What are you willing to do?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’re not doing anything but they’re not doing enough. They, along with WE, need to up the game.

                                                             v.      Bonus: Have them all co-author a book together (would be awesome!)

c.       Set up a platform where they will agree to debate based on specific protocols which do not give preference to one side over the other; only to truth over falsehood

d.       Set up mock sessions where ANYBODY (not just bona fide “doctors and scientists”) can ask them any questions they want and get a satisfactory answer

e.       Televise the entire event on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

10.   Next, target media outlets with the following message

a.       Risks and damage caused by vaccines

b.       Awareness that each media outlet has pharma sponsors which heavily fund them

                                                               i.      Send them the exact amount of sponsors that fund them and call them out for conflict of interest

                                                             ii.      Publish the exact numbers, person contacted and the response (or lack thereof) on our main website. Time to start publicly shaming media. “Wall of Shame”.

c.       Repeated calls for debates rebuffed

                                                               i.      Yale Bailed

                                                             ii.      Del Bigtree’s challenge for debates

                                                           iii.      Inform them that they lose all credibility when they push the same product they refuse to debate on. So either they stop pushing the “safe and effective” nonsense or accept to host a properly moderated debate.

d.       NO safety testing done on ANY vaccine

e.       Liability-FREE product and medical procedure being pushed and mandated behind color of law!

f.        List of board-certified MEDICAL doctors who oppose vaccines and their mandates

g.       List of injured and their parents by state and aggregated totals by:

                                                               i.      Vaccine name

                                                             ii.      Year

                                                           iii.      State

                                                           iv.      Manufacturer

                                                             v.      Doctor

h.       List of media outlets who have hosted a fair debate

                                                               i.      Links to videos

11.   Pool together resources to create our own shows. How many shows have you seen where they’ve pushed the vaccine bs? We need to make shows which showcase the injury from vaccines and the utter lack of any kind of science behind efficacy. Doesn’t matter if it’s fictional, the issue needs to get front and center and juxtaposed against the backdrop of “settled science”.

a.       Writers, get busy writing some scripts

b.       Part of that centralized fund, along with existing infrastructure and expertise, like The Highwire, can go towards producing this movie or series

c.       Get celebrity endorsements like Rob Schneider

Cost Breakdown

1.       Website/Facebook page (Free – I’ll create the website; anyone can create a Facebook page)

a.       Remember, FB can clamp down the censorship any time they want

b.       It’ll take them longer to take down the website, especially with redundant sites around the world

2.       It will take each of us 2 hours a week

a.       Estimated 1,000 people getting behind this translates to 2,000 hours a week! That’s a single individual working a full-time job all year round

b.       We’ll need 3 types of volunteers primarily

                                                               i.      Strategists/Planners

                                                             ii.      Tacticians/Organizers

                                                           iii.      Foot soldiers/Workers

c.       Know your role and contribute your best. Each role will have a list of tasks and responsibilities. Grab one, do it, report on it. You can get back to Facebooking after meeting the pledge.

d.       Each of us should sign a pledge statement and be accountable for our time to the organizer

3.       Big name anti-vaxxers, dedicated for this task for 2 hours a week

a.       Strategists will come up with things for them to do which will benefit all of us

b.       Organizers will coordinate with their gatekeepers

c.       Workers will help spread the message and keep peace so they can get their message across

We’ve got a lot of work to do and we haven’t gotten started yet.